ARADAE MAWR, PENCAWRDRAIG OF DUGADW Rarer even than the Dyndraig are the Cawrdraig, the ‘Giant-Dragons’ of Dugadw, for like all dragon-kind they diminish with each passing age and retreat further into themselves. Even Gwyddno Garanhir, the lord of Gwaelod, only tentatively believes in their old allegiance to him for whilst Dugadw may be part of that realm it has always been separated by more than the sea. Yet there are some Cawrdraig that still aid their kin and in turn the humans, the Brythoniaid they know as the Combrogi, and Aradae Mawr – Great Aradae, as he is called – serves as Dugadw’s leader of those that fight against the invaders, for he is broad and strong, long-limbed and mighty, an implacable warrior of fire and unyielding strength, the very embodiment of the ancient power of dragon-kind.

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