BRUNCHAATH THE VILE, GABRAX TAIN The ice-bound wastes beyond Toraigh where men dare not go and little else survives lie the tribes of the Gabrax, foul beast-things in thrall to Baalor, the Eye in the Ice, the Destroyer of the North, the true power outside the mainlands. Raiders, despoilers, marauders all, the Gabrax are the ruination of the world, parodies of beast and man, an insult to the natural world and a connection to the world beyond the shadows. Their rudimentary tribal society is one of power, greed and blood, where the strongest survive and the weakest simply prey, and it is fitting that those ruling the tribes of the Gabrax, the Tains, are amongst the strongest of them all. Brunchaath the Vile is one such, a hugely muscled hulk of goat and man, a horned devil with white fur and black armour that proudly bears the mark of Baalor. His evil reputation as a killer of killlers, an indiscriminate slaughterer of babe and child, man and woman, ensures that those in his path flee rather than stand against him and be sacrificed upon the tundra in Baalor’s name.

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