Caledonian Mormaer (AP HMG) In a society like Caledonia, where the clans’ power is based around Teseum, ostentatious use of this neomaterial is a symbol of power, both political and military. Because of this, the Mormaers are visibly the most elite troops in the Caledonian Army. Their armor has such a high percentage of incredibly pure Teseum that it offers protection superior to that of the most of the Sphere’s personal armors. The cost to produce one set of this armor is so high that very few in Ariadna can afford it. The same applies to their weaponry, its ammunition costing a king’s ransom. It can be said that the Mormaers’ identity is based entirely on Teseum. The name of the regiment, an old title of Scottish nobility equivalent to that of ‘Duke’, is due to the fact that they are the distinctive elite of the Caledonian military. There is nothing more prestigious to a clan than being able to enlist some of its best men, completely equipped, as Mormaers. To be allowed to join this regiment, the clan is required to contribute all the equipment, weaponry, ammunition and necessary tools for each recruit, requiring a very considerable investment of Teseum. This is why only the best warriors of each clan are selected to become Mormaers, with most of them being clan heirs or sons of its most prestigious members. As a result, the regiment is comprised of many scions of the clans’ elite and sees many familial and political bonds between them. Few of the regiment are called by their military rank, instead using more aristocratic terms such as “Sire” or “Cousin” as the Mormaers are indeed the aristocracy of the Caledonian Army. However, despite being a front line regiment always deployed knowing they will face exceptional conditions and situations of “Victory or Death”, their combat discipline and teamwork is so extraordinary that their elitist identity remains intact. For no matter how difficult a scenario may seem, the Mormaers will always impose their own terms, from a battle’s start until its end, where their vastly superior firepower will have both the first and last word.

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