Septimus A street-tough urchin taken in young by a soft-hearted medicus, Septimus grew up in the heart of the Ludus Magnus grounds. Though a talented combatant, Septimus’s reckless ferocity earned him a reputation for the rapid dispatch of opponents, and did little to earn the crowd’s favor in his early career. Relegated to the venatio after two seasons of lackluster performance, he became frustrated with a career that he feared had reached its zenith — until he met Nero. The fierce bull was a favorite of the audience for the same reasons he was not, and instead of closing on it with a group as he had been trained, in a fit of pique rushed forward and leapt astride the beast to strike it down. As he raised his spear and prepared to drive it into Nero’s neck, the roar of the crowd struck him with an epiphany, and he thrust the weapon into the shoulder of another closing venator and charged off into fortunate reward. Septimus is a Ludus Magnus gladiator.

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