Captain Krill (Capitaine Krill)Note: pirate championMister Dyphter (Monsieur Dyphter)Note: championBaron Samedi (Baron Samedi)Note: it’s not a characterGoblin Diver (Scaphandrier)Goblin Sailor 1 (Matelot 1)Goblin Sailor 2 (Matelot 2)Goblin Buccaneer 1, or Goblin Gunner 1 (Boucanier 1, or Canonnier gobelin 1)Goblin Buccaneer 2, or Goblin Gunner 2 (Boucanier 2, or Canonnier gobelin 2)The Argument (L’argument)Note: light artilleryK?rozen the Tentacular (K?rozen le tentaculaire)Note: initiateConcept: Christophe MaduraSculptors: Yannick Fusier (Captain Krill and Goblin Sailor 1) and Aragorn Marks (Captain Krill, Mister Dyphter, Baron Samedi, Goblin Diver, Goblin Sailor 1, Goblin Sailor 2, Goblin Buccaneer 1, Goblin Buccaneer 2, and The Argument) 2001 (December)

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Goblins of No-Dan-Kar, Show all Destiny Armies




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